cloud Cost Optimization

💲 Stop overspending on the cloud! Azure, GCP, AWS etc.

🕑Optimization often pays for itself in few months.

💰 Savings guarantee - only pay for the work resulting in real savings.*

🔍Get cloud costs analysis report with insights into you expenditure.

✅ Get professional advice on your cloud environment.

📝 Receive explanation of the work done!


Q: What kind of cost reduction can I expect to see?

A: It depends on what the size of your operation, what types of resources you use, how you use them and to what actions you will agree. E.g. right-sizing and right-tiering a small web application might bring your costs down a few hundred dollars, but rehosting or rearchitecting a big web application can result in savings of thousands per month.

Q: How are you better than the built-in tools and all the 3rd party tools around?

A: The built-in tools do very limited number of things like spotting underutilized virtual machines. Tools generally won't detect unnecessary paid features, won't organize your resources for tracking, don't understand the nature or importance of your application, won't provide interesting low-touch application changes. Speaking about third-party tools, their main purpose is to generate business for their creators in a sustainable, automatable, and low-risk way, maybe helping with some of your problems along the road.

Q: Cloud providers have documentation on how to optimize costs. Why shouldn't we do it ourselves?

A: There is nothing wrong with doing it on your own, but unless you are a cloud consultant with developer's background yourself, there is a chance that you will either miss opportunities, or will spend a lot of time on the activity. The time you can save asking me to do this initial work. You will also get insights about how you can improve your environment further. I literally teach this.

Q: What if we have a big environment and many people involved or have other reasons need to do it ourselves anyway?

A: I still recommend starting with a free consultation to discover your options. If you have reasons to manage costs yourself, then I can provide you with a cost-effective training on managing costs and FinOps.

Q: What cloud providers do you work with? Where to read more about you?

A: I'm an Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expert but also have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS). I'm also comfortable with other technologies, e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift etc, please just ask if not sure. You can read some highlights here, or look at my LinkedIn profile.

Q: Do I have to schedule a consultation first?

A: The consultation is free and might bring a lot of value itself, but alternatively you can introduce yourself and your case via email.

* Savings guarantee conditions. You need to be running all your resources being optimized for at least 1 month on Azure, GCP or AWS. You monthly expenditure on the resources being optimized should be above $500 USD. The total cost of services billed for cost optimization tasks will not exceed the the resulting savings in a year. The resulting savings are calculated as (Old - New) * 12, where Old is the cost for the resources in the previous 30 days. New is the monthly cost of the same resources set being optimized or their replacement calculated using the respective vendor's cost calculator. If these terms don't work for you, we might agree on different terms explicitly.