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About me

Hello, my name is Nick Taranov. I'm a programmer and a team lead, providing consulting on Software Development.

I do three things.

💼 Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for hire services. There are always "business" and "technology" sides to any software business. 18 years in the industry including being a Software Development Department director allow me to solve any task on the tech side including suggesting the best structure for your product and setting up development process. I also understand the business.

🛠️ Technical consulting, including Web Development, focusing on .NET and JavaScript ecosystems, and DevOps, mostly Kubernetes, Azure, and GCP.

💡 Teaching and coaching in the areas above. You might have encountered me, a part-time trainer since 2014, upskilling developers in multiple software shops, working on MS contracts, or teaching IBMers, Googlers, or other big companies' employees.

Please don't hesitate to contact me. Regardless who you are - a startup needing coaching, a businessman who needs an audit to decide on a product acquisition or a business needing a helping hand here and there - I might be able to help you. Even if I won't be able to help you, I might route you to someone who can. Also, I'm always interested in knowing what's going on in the industry to provide the best advice to my customers. Hence the name "Red Pill" The Matrix reference which emphasizes the practical real-life approach I advocate when engaging clients.

I'm based in Toronto, Canada but don't mind taking a flight. Normally, I compete with expertise and quality, but as I'm restarting my independent consulting practice after a pause, I offer special below-the-market rates for a limited amount of time.


- Microsoft Certified Trainer - Google Cloud Authorized Trainer - Azure Solutions Architect Expert - DevOps Engineer Expert - Azure Developer Associate - Azure Administrator Associate - Azure Security Engineer Associate - Azure AI Engineer Associate - Azure IoT Developer Specialty - Google Cloud Architect Professional

My customers about me

"Hired Nick again because he is a true pro. Skills and communication are always goal oriented."

“The host was very pleasant and clear, the labs were educational and fun, and I learned a lot.”

"Very incisive analysis that saved us a lot of time. Nick writes beautifully clear and well annotated code."

"As ever, working with Nick was a pleasure. Lots of constructive input and integrity. Many thanks nick."

"Nick's work is unparalleled and working with him is an absolute pleasure. We've hired him over and over again and will continue to do so. An absolute professional in every way and bends over backwards to make sure you're satisfied. Thanks again Nick!"

"Nick is hands down one of the best developers we have worked with. We had a very difficult and largely undefined project ahead of us and he handled it beautifully. ... We are hiring him for other projects, as he has proven himself strongly"

"Another great job from Nick. He can see the job from the customer's 'commercial' perspective and produces code that is very easy to maintain & support. Would recommend Nick for pretty much any task that needs imaginative and solid analysis + coding"

"Nick has produced excellent work for us. We gave an unusual task (interfacing a third-party application with SharePoint via client side libraries) and his expertise covered this area in depth. Nick produced a very good product and we are very happy. Great commitment and imaginative suggestions helped. A real expert. We are using him again."

"Nick was absolutely top notch, and clearly an expert in ASP/MVC and writing great quality code in general. Will be hiring him on a regular basis."

"Nick was very knowledgeable, thorough in his research and recommendations, and extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend him or hire him again."

"He completed a very complex problem with ease. He communicated well with my team and was very easy to work with."

"Nick is a true pro. Very very very competent, and cordial as well. Comprehensive in his investigation and report making. ... All these things put together put him on our A list."

"It was fun and the presenter Nick was helpful and nice"

"Thanks again Nick. Will contact you again first for any future needs."

"I highly recommend Nick - was great working with him.

Thanks Nick"

"Another tremendously positive experience with Nick, thanks again!"

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